-  My name is Dave Rollins and I am the founder of the Feel Faster Now Clinics.

-  I have developed a proven method to help swimmers improve their strokes as well as have fun!
-  We will break each stroke down to the basics and build from there.  We always start with the kick as it is the foundation of the stroke and piece by piece we add another part of the stroke until it is a completely new, technically sound stroke.

-  Please click on the ABOUT tab to learn more about the clinics and my qualifications
Recent Clinics

- Cincinnati, OH
Mariemont HS
Masters Stroke Clinic
March 2011

- Napa Valley, CA
Napa Valley
Swim Team
April 2009

-  Santa Rosa, CA Neptune Swimming
   June 2009

-  Cincinnati, OH
St. Xavier High School/ X-treme Swim Clinic
Thanks to the generous support of the fine people at Finis Inc.  every clinic will have the opportunity to use their products.  For example, the Tempo Trainer, Finis Snorkel and many more fun and educational products.

As an added bonus every camper will be given a discount coupon to Finis which will allow them to purchase these products if they do not already own them.